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This is our new portal for enrolling in competency groups and individual competencies. Choose your competencies from the navigation on the left, add to your backpack, set a start date and submit. Once submitted, you can click on Student Information System to see the status of your enrollment. Remember that your enrollment cannot be processed until your guardian approves your requests.

If you have any questions, contact your instructor or our technical help desk

Here you can view and enroll in elementary (kindergarten through fifth grade), or middle school level competency groups in courses, projects or teams.


Here you can view and enroll in high school level competency groups in courses, projects, teams, or experiences.

If you're interested in enrolling in advanced middle or high school work, please select this option.


All college courses offered by VLACS are available for enrollment here.

This link takes you to our learning management system which is where our courses, projects, and other learning opportunities all begin.

Our student information system, known as Genius, stores and displays demographic information, grades, transcripts, etc.